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  • 8am AbSalute w/ Jen

    Attention! Get in line for the ultimate core workout. AbSalute uses a combination of crunches, planks and sculpting moves that will tone, tighten and leave your abs on fire! You’ll finish this class feeling stronger and determined to chisel that tummy just in time for bikini season.

  • 8am CandyBarre w/ Lex

    CandyBarre is a high-energy choreographed that will firm, lengthen and sculpt every muscle in your body. This ballet-inspired workout uses a combination of light dumbbells and fit balls to tone and strengthen you from start to finish!

  • 8am Move Sweat Work w/ Tracy

    The moment you hear that irresistible beat, your body will change it's tune and get ready for a killer cardio dance workout! Whether you’re new to dance, or an expert, Move Sweat Work will unite everyone to nail key movements and tone areas through high-intensity choreography. This class combine...

  • 8am Tone n’Ohm w/ Justine

    Experience an exclusive, custom crafted hybrid yoga class - merging toning and a Vinyasa flow all in one. Tone n'Ohm gives a new meaning to yoga as we combine a fast-paced movements, meditation, strength and flexibility in equal proportions. This class will improve your balance, resilience, and e...

  • 8am Sweata Weatha w/ Brittany

    Raise the temp with a combination of weighted bars, medicine balls, kettlebells and cardio. Sweata Weatha is an intense, non-stop, full-body workout. It is perfectly designed to cleanse, challenge and change your body no matter the forecast!

  • 8am Riding High: Rock + Ride w/ Taylor

    Challenge your entire body in our signature ride! Riding High is a beat-based class that takes your spin skills to the next level. In this choreographed class you'll get the perfect mix of sprints, hills, and everything in between - including a weight section dedicated to your upper-body. Ther...