• Upper Class 9/19

    Get that sought after "I’m too sexy in my tank" look in this upper-body focused class.  Upper Class uses a variety of equipment including bands and weights to tone your arms and core to perfection.  Biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, chest - oh my! 

  • Next Stop Strong 9/18

    No muscle is left behind in this total-body circuit class, where each STOP challenges you to push harder than you thought possible! From bodyweight and free weights to kettlebells and medicine balls, you’ll be guided to move with solid form for the most effective workout. Be prepared to feel stro...

  • Mat Queen 9/17

    Become royalty the moment you walk into this mat-based Pilates class.  Combining classic Pilates with some creative WiO touches, Mat Queen brings articulate movement, technique and body control all together.  You will enhance your core strength, balance and flexibility for a long and lean result!

  • Riding High: Famous Feuds  9/16

    Challenge your entire body in our signature ride!  Riding High is a beat-based class that takes your spin skills to the next level.  In this choreographed class you'll get the perfect mix of sprints, hills, and everything in between - including a weight section dedicated to your upper-body.  Ther...

  • Tight End 9/15

    Hone in your energy with a series of lower-body targeted exercises that strengthen and tone every muscle. In Tight End your thighs, glutes, hamstrings, hip flexors and calves will be tested to their limits!  This toning and cardio combo will result in your tightest tush yet!

  • AbSalute 9/14

    Attention! Get in line for the ultimate core workout. AbSalute uses a combination of crunches, planks and sculpting moves that will tone, tighten and leave your abs on fire!  You’ll finish this class feeling stronger and determined to chisel that tummy just in time for bikini season.